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My Practice

Nicole (b.1969) is a psychotherapist in Singapore who holds an Austrian Masters in Psychotherapy Science. She is also involved in psychotherapy research doing her doctorate at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. 

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a time-tested modality of psychotherapy which was developed in the late 1940s. Gestalt therapists work creatively to bring their clients to the awareness of the here-and-now. This is a powerful method which empowers their clients with answers to often difficult personal questions.

Assurance of Security

Nicole’s psychotherapy practice is friendly towards migrant, expatriate, aged and LGBTQ population. Her personal background is multi-cultural. Her work is religion- and culture-conscious. All interaction is dealt with fullest confidentiality as per EU laws. Nicole handles her own appointment and administration.

my work

Individual Therapy Sessions

I provide individual psychotherapy and counseling sessions. These are 45-50 minutes in duration each. Clients of my individual sessions come from all walks of life, age and cultures. One thing they have in common is the will to live to their fullest potential, to recapture their inner peace, and to flourish in the society they are embedded in. In practice, what  I wish for my clients of gestalt therapy is to gain the confidence of being  in the world, while being who they are, full of self-love and respect, with the confidence to provide love and respect to the world around them.  Everything else, I believe, falls in place for such individuals. 


Group Therapy Sessions

Gestalt group therapy is a journey of knowing the self in relation to other people. Group therapy clients build deep personal bonds. They overcome their difficulties effectively. I provide these at a reasonable price of SGD 48 per 90-minute session. 

Therapy for Relationships

Gestalt therapy for couples, families and organizations are focussed on the relationship patterns between members of the couple or group. This is more effective than merely talking about the conflicts at hand. Overcoming communication dissonance mends relationships and makes it resilient to future conflict situations. For psychotherapy and counseling Singapore, contact me.

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Is Psychotherapy for Me?

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You have a burning issue or a recurrent feeling or symptom that you would like to address. You want to know if psychotherapy is for you.


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“How much do Psychotherapy Sessions cost?” and other questions.

Workshops for Teenagers

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My workshops for teenagers are designed to provide self awareness plus psycho-education for teenagers on important topics like self love and sexuality. The workshops are based professionally designed with principles of gestalt psychotherapy.

Some FAQs

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"How do I make a first psychotherapy or counseling appointment?",

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"Free to be Me" Group Sessions

gestalt psychotherapy group sessions singapore

Starting soon in Singapore. 90-min Group sessions themed "Free to be me". 

Join this series of experiential group sessions of self-expression.

Feel what it is like to really be yourself in the present of others.

Experience what it is like to move, talk and laugh like yourself.

Discover the different aspects of your personality.

Uncover your creativity.

Express yourself creatively.

Be in contact with like-minded others.

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